Jerome "Jay" Richard

Jerome "Jay" Richard

Float tube, SUP & Kayak

As far back as I can remember, I've always been attracted to water and everything else that is connected to it!

Everything from fishing and swimming, to surfing and spearfishing. As a child, I quickly started fresh water fishing for everything that swam. Then I quickly moved on to lure fishing, looking for predators. From there, I started to try absolutely everything that resembled near or far to a boat... My first outstanding experiences were in float tube. Subsequently, I attended various kayak fishing competition circuits. Finally, I discovered the stand up paddle board.

Today, I live near the sea but I remain very attached to fresh water. Armed with my Float tube and stand up paddle 7 bass design, I enjoy traveling to different ponds, trying to catch what pleasures I can, and enjoy experimenting with new techniques and approaches.

I would be honoured to share with you my experience of our products in order to better target your future ride !