Jungle Operator Evo

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Length 240 cm Width 122 cm
Nb. of air chambers 1 Weight 24 kg
Max. load 250 kg Compositions Dropstitch 15 cm en 2700g/m²
Polyester deniers 1 100 D Materials PVC Coated
Thickness 0,7mm / 0.276 inch Max. Pressure 15 Psi / 1 Bar
Nb. of people 1 Max. power 55 LBS
Oars 2

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One more time, SEVEN BASS introduces an exclusive item and totally new that will change the float tubes world for ever!

We already shook the float tubes universe with the ARMADA, the BRIGAD and the COBRA. Now, here comes a revolution with the ultimate float tubes evolution: the JUNGLE OPERATOR!!

With the HARD FABRIC Line series, we launched some float tubes combining good looking style with high performance. With the PVC Line range, the same float tubes were reinforced with a strong PVC outer layer. With the HYBRID Line, we freed your float tubes from its air chambers, including some boat fins and oars… The JUNGLE OPERATOR will make you enter into a completely different dimension: the “AIR DROPSTITCH Line”. The JUNGLE OPERATOR has no rigid structure. Its skin is a doubled (on top and bottom) and tripled (on sides) reinforced and coated PVC layer. Between both layers (top and bottom – deck and hull), there is a 3D MESH material, the SEVEN BASS AIR DROPSTITCH, which is a very thin mesh material made of polyester yarn, that makes the skin stay together when inflated. This mesh material puts together and stiffens the entire float tubes after being pressurized. The JUNGLE OPERATOR will remain flat and will not look like a bi g ball. This is the “Drop stitch” technique. This production method will let you realize extravagances you had never imagined with a float tubes… You will benefit from enough space and stability that will allow you to be stand up for fishing on your JUNGLE OPERATOR!! High quality standard with full equipment: oars, storage bags on the sides, stern equipped with motor holder and a footrest bar. On the hull, two little lateral fins are fixed permanently. With its back pack, it will be easy to store in a car trunk for example. It gets inflated in a few minute and remains perfectly rigid thanks to its significant thickness of more than 16cm / 6in – max. inflation pressure = 15psi.

The JUNGLE OPERATOR is the top quality standard float tubes over the worldwide market!


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Jungle Operator Evo

Jungle Operator Evo


user s manual DROPSTITCH Line

user s manual for float tubes from DROPSTITCH Line range

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