Steffen "Steffe" Schulz

Steffen "Steffe" Schulz

Float tube / Fly fishing specialist

Hi fishing folks,


My name is Steffen Schulz, born in 1983 in Berlin and I have been working as a freelance author on European sports fishing since 2008, as a sideline to my main employment, teaching at a Gymnasium in Wuppertal, Germany. I have been fascinated by fishing since I was a child, and it has always been more than just a hobby for me. During my time as an active competitive angler in the Sportfischer Krummensee youth team in Königswusterhausen, Brandenburg, I was already certain that I wanted to be involved in the area of predator fishing in a professional sense. I have always been fascinated by all aspects of spin fishing. Even my final university thesis dealt with the subject of fishing, entitled “Potentials of fishing tourism for the tourism economy in South-East Asia – Comparative potential analyses of selected destinations in Vietnam and Thailand“.P


In 2008 I contacted the fishing magazine Blinker. Through my activities as a freelance journalist for Blinker, I entered into a sponsoring contract with Pure Fishing Deutschland GmbH (Jarden Corporation), for whom I work as a sponsored journalist for all brands. This includes attending fishing trade fairs, product development and viral marketing of new products in fishing magazines. I have several partners in the fishing and outdoor industries. All companies have been and remain very satisfied with my work and high profile in the specialist fishing press.


I am a permanent freelancer for the editing staff of different European fishing magazines, receive work assignments and submit my own ideas for articles. Shooting videos is also a regular part of my work as a freelancer. I have a high profile in Germany‘s most successful fishing magazines and in many more all around Europe. I attend fishing trade fairs, and am acquainted with many national and European stars on the fishing scene. We work together regularly, and in some cases we have even become friends. I network with a large number of scene anglers via Instagram, regularly go fishing in other European countries and spend a lot of time on the water. I have also featured on the title page of several international fishing magazines.


Recently, I have been concentrating primarily on fly fishing for pike, perch and pikeperch. In particular as regards fishing for pike and pikeperch in open water, there remains a lot to be investigated. Therefore I am more than blessed to have the opportunity of working together with Sevenbass. Their products are the best, a Flatform is unique and brilliant for fishing, especially fly fishing. One reason why I sold my boat!


If you have any questions, contact me via my Instagram or website, where you also find all my recent and former work.


All the best, tight lines,