Cooler boxes

The SEVEN BASS brand offers you here with its range of MASTA FROST coolers, guaranteed for 5 YEARS!

All keep the cold for up to 5 days, available in different colors. These coolers are made from food-grade materials compatible with dry ice. They have superior features, such as the freezer style closure seal, which does not let heat in, and the "T" clips molded directly onto the cooler. The padlock hole is molded directly onto the main body and the cooler lid and long hinges with stops do not fully open and are shatterproof. Non-slip, fingerprint-proof rubber feet keep the cooler in place where you put it, and molded-in attachment points on the cooler keep it secure. "Atypical" touch, a bottle opener crowns the equipment list of these superb coolers. Easily transport your cooler thanks to the side handles or the retractable handle (on model 20). The drainage plug and the rubber gasket mean that it is watertight and makes it easy to empty and wash the cooler. An automatic front pressure control valve balances the internal pressure with the external one click, to open your cooler without any problem. This front button, like the lateral drainage plug, is compatible with "Gardena" type end pieces and fittings, which occasionally allows, by replacing these 2 end pieces, to transform your cooler into a livewell to keep your fish alive. An inch ruler on the top of the cover allows you to measure all your catches.

The 5-year warranty covers only the rotomolded parts (the body), everything else comes under the legal warranty