Like sunscreens, OUTWATER sunglasses take care of your health by protecting your eyes at all times, in all places and in all weathers! They will protect you from the intensity of the sun's harmful rays (UVA/B/C) and will ensure perfect visual comfort wherever you are.
Faced with UV rays responsible for serious eye diseases, our range of sunglasses, from series 1 to series 5, will provide you with maximum sun protection whatever the conditions!
Our photochromatic lenses will allow you to go from clear to dark in a few seconds, the active protection cells according to your lifestyle!

100% of OUTWATER lenses, made of polycarbonate, use Cellulose Tri Acetate (TAC) which is a highly polarized material for superior visual acuity, allowing visual clarity and maximum polarization!
Our entire range, whether in cloudy, sunny or foggy weather, will accompany you according to your activities in the city or in the countryside, at the sea or in the mountains!