The sun and water are the two components necessary for life.
However, we now know that if water is our playground, the sun can be harmful to us if we are not careful.
This corollary being established, what if now you take care of yourself a little, but in style?!

OUTWATER is THE brand that takes care of you, your skin, your hands, your eyes!
You will find in our range a majority of products with UPF 50+ logo. Quesaco?
UPF means “Ultraviolet Protection Factor”, index of protection against ultraviolet rays, in French.
UPF measures the ability of a textile to filter, avoid and repel the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (UV-A, UV-B or UV-C).
The UPF has several ranks of protection indicated by a number: 20, 30, 50 and 50+.
In order to access the UPF 50+ level, the fabric must be certified by an independent laboratory in order to test the amount of ultraviolet rays filtered by the textile.
Currently, UPF50+ is the maximum existing certification. This means that the garment protects covered areas up to 98% against UV-A and UV-B radiation.

Trust us :
Now, during your favorite activities, OUTWATER takes care of you and your health. With style.